Vlad Kolesnikov

Part 1 - Video capture using GStreamer and gstreamer-netcore

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Video capture is the very first step in any video processing system, so it’s going to be our first task as well. As I mentioned in Part 0, we will be using an RTSP-capable IP camera as our video source. Ideally, for development purposes, it would be great to be able to capture video for a USB-connected web camera as well. Even better if we could do that with the same code.

Sounds too good? Yes, and it is absolutely achievable - with GStreamer.

First there was a face

Throughout human history, access control is standing on three fundamental factors: “Something you know, something you have or something you are”. People evolved from using primarily their appearance (something they are) to hundreds or even thousands years of physical keys and “something you have” factor domination, while passwords or secret keys were used occasionally. Modern society quickly adopt new kinds of implementations of protecting their properties and data. With all sorts of computers automating many aspects of our life, it took less than 40 years to make passwords, pins and even our own biometric data a usual thing for many people around the world.